My mother’s professional career – she worked as a film editor and director - developed my interest in the world of film and image and also in story-boards. My father’s medical and archaeological career has also widened my knowledge in this field of study. That is the reason for my contribution to the illustration of some Paleopathology books.
                    Despite my urban background I have always been close to nature and have been very much interested in environmental issues. From 2008 to 2011 I was elected Town Councillor for Environment and Social Work in my municipality of Avià and I have also taken part in environmental publications.
                    I have been a keen reader since my childhood and because of my work as an illustrator I have always been connected to the publishing world especially in the field of textbooks.

                    My career has too often led me to work on my own. However I have also had the chance of doing team work and sharing my work with other professionals and I strongly believe that team work is both a creative and exciting experience. Finally I would like to point out that the privilege of having lived in different cities and countries has contributed to my being adaptable and has provided me with a global view both in the personal and professional worlds.